Listen to that voice!!

I beg of you, listen to it!!

That voice inside of you! The one that speaks only in whispers. The soft tone that keeps repeating itself, over and over, hoping that you'll listen and that this time, you'll act!

I used to be so scared of failure, that the voice was often just white noise in the back of a busy mind filled to the brim with anything to distract me from my purpose.

But on a rare occasion, my mind would fall silent and I'd clearly hear it. My entire body would get goosebumps and I would know, omg, this is what I should be doing for my soul!

And then I'd get scared and do nothing. Fill my mind with noise again. Forget the voice ever existed.


But then I slowly started acting, back in 2016. Little by little. From writing here daily, becoming a cookbook author, traveling the world, and soon starting something bigger- it started with one step into the dark unknown, followed by another, then another, then...

I don't just hear the voice any more. I have the voice written on a piece of paper directly over my laptop, where I can see it every single day. And sometimes I look at it, and my entire body gets goosebumps all over again..

I will never ignore my inner whispers again.

And I BEG OF YOU, PLEASE listen to your voice too! Start small. Work on it every day. In a couple of years, you will be more fulfilled than you could imagine. You owe it to yourself. The world needs the thing that makes you come alive! YOU need the thing that makes you come alive!