Is this blog a waste now?

Lately I've been feeling like this blog is valueless to the world. I come here every night and write what's on my mind, but since this year started, all that's on my mind is house stuff.

Today, for example, I planted 7 fruit trees. I've never bought or planted a tree in my life before, and I had to learn:

  • where to find fruit trees
  • which fruit trees are suited for Austin (because many places sell fruit trees that won't grow here, which is crazy)
  • how many chill (cold) hours various fruit trees need. Austin gets around 700 chill hours, but I live in a warmer pocket so I'm avoiding trees that need over 500 chill hours.
  • which other trees will pollinate the trees I buy (for example, I wanted to buy a pear tree but in order to get fruit, it needs to cross-polinate w/ another pear tree, but not the other pear tree I wanted to buy aaahhh)
  • chill hours for the other pollinator tree- bc if one tree only needs 150 chill hours but the other one needs 500, they'll bloom at different times and won't be able to pollinate each other and I won't get any fruit
  • soil requirements for each tree. Ex: pecan trees need extra deep soils and if you don't live near a river or deep creek, have fun trying to grow one.
  • where to place the tree on my property based on their chill hour requirements. Ex: a tree that needs it to be colder should go down the hill (cold air flows down) towards the North bc Austin gets cold North winds. Citrus trees should go in the south.
  • Sunshine requirements of each tree
  • How far apart to plant each tree
  • Do I need compost with trees? Wtf is mulch? When do I use either? How do I mow around trees?
  • How do I care for a tree in year one? According to my Dad, year one is all about 'caring for the roots' and I should actually discourage growth in some cases. Who knew?

So yeah... it's a lot to learn. And totally fun, and I've been really really happy with it!

But I doubt anyone else gives a fuck about growing fruit trees, and frankly, after spending all day learning and doing manual labor, I can barely stand up straight, let alone think of anything else to write about.

Things will get way more interesting on this blog when my property is in 'maintenance mode'.

I have:

  • 4 rooms left to paint and fix up (out of 10 total)
  • ~9 fruit trees to find and plant
  • to destroy the massive grape vines that have totally overtaken my land
  • to clean the small mountain of broken tiles and trash in the back yard
  • to host company almost constantly during March

And then I should be ready to go! I'm going to devote myself to asset building with the same intensity I'm tackling my home. I can't wait!