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How I hypnotize myself to write a fiction book

Book writing realization: I need to, like, hypnotize or mesmerize myself in order to enter the specific world of my book each day and write in the same voice consistently.

This has been easy for blog posts. I wait until I'm in a certain mind-state and then it just flows. But a book is a couple hundred pages of the same mood.

I want my current book to feel like a fever dream. To be sharp and hazy and contrasted and dark and colorful and rich and murky and clear, all at once– to leave the reader feeling like, woah, that was a trip. (not sure I'll pull that off AT ALL, but hey a girl's gotta dream).

To sit down at my computer every morning at 9 am and be 'fever dream Madi' is a tall order.

I need a way to open the portal, a way to leave this current reality behind and be so in my book world that it's almost as real as this real is real.

I basically have to hypnotize myself each time I sit down to write.

I've been brainstorming ways to do that:

  • a music playlist that conjures that fever-dream feeling, that I listen to every time I write
  • a moodboard that I look at before I write
  • maybe a quick 90 second meditation to 'enter the book world' before writing
  • write at the time of day I'm most likely to be 'fever dream Madi' (which is much later than I currently write.... sad face)

My writing friends suggested a particular scent, too, something evocative that I smell or wear while writing this book and only this book.

I'll give this all a go and report back (or, more likely, I'll never report back, so ask me about it in a week or two if you're curious).