go ahead, burn the bridges

Okay, 15 minutes till I leave for happy hour, let's go!

I'm in SF this week and the distance from my bubble back home is refreshing.

I'm part of a community, and there are all of these unspoken social rules which I don't learn until I break them. Turns out, communities are kind of like small towns; everyone knows everyone's drama, and anything social error is known by everyone, like, immediately. A lot of community members walk on eggshells because of it.

But, the world is massive, and the group is tiny. Like, here in SF, no one knows anyone in my dance community. No one gives a fuck.

Sometimes I feel like the various groups I'm in are the entire world (this also includes my coworkers and other social situations.) But it doesn't matter!

So let's say that I make a huge social faux pas and end up burning every single bridge with my dance group. That's 150 people in the entire world- and there are other dance communities in Austin! And let's say I somehow fuck it up with every type of dance community in the city (which would be incredibly hard to do). There are other hobbies! And let's say somehow I villainize myself to everyone in the Austin greater metro area (odds are basically zero). There are other cities in Texas. And if every Texan hates me, there are plenty of other states! And then other countries if the USA kicks me out! And if every inch of the world despises me, then I'll yeet myself to Mars.

The social risk is really so low. If I look far enough away, all of it is so damn pointless and small.

So, might as well break some rules. Might as well have fun and fuck all if they can't handle it, so long as I'm not hurting anyone else with my actions.