hi frand, plz halp 💖

Hi you! Yes, you! I need your help for just two minutes.

My brand manager friend gave me a homework lesson: to ask my readers what they would introduce me to someone else for, and then to look for a pattern in the responses I get (and if there is no pattern, then I know I'm in trouble and have no real brand hahaha.)

The idea sounds solid. So, dear reader, how would you introduce me to someone?

Example:  "You should meet Madi, she's known for X." or "She's great at X."

My DMs are open, please DM me on Twitter or shoot me an email at mtaskett@gmail.com! It should only take a minute and I would appreciate your help SO much, like really, I am so stumped here and your response will help shape how I build out my brand from here on out.

💖 You are the best!