Why I'm Delaying my Newsletter Launch

"So how's your business launch going?" Zach asked between mouthfuls of mapo tofu.

"Well" I paused to savor a soup dumpling, "I'm putting it on hold while I work on my house."

"Of course! When you told me you were going to do both at the same time, I thought you were crazy. 'If Madi does both, it'll take her two years to complete them. But if she does one and then the other, it'll go much more smoothly.'"

Zach is right. I was crazy to think I could do both well. I can't.

I have big goals for my newsletter. I will not half-ass it. I also have a lot of work to do on this house. Like, last week I scrubbed old blood stains and a dead roach off of my living room walls. (yikes!)

I'm focusing on my house first because it's a one-and-done kind of thing. Every room I fix up is fixed for good! It makes sense to create a safe, clean, beautiful environment that will just sit there and continue to be lovely for years to come, while I do everything following it in comfort.

I'm ashamed to putting this off. I was going to launch in January! But if I wait to launch and therefore launch well, that will be a long-term gain that will way outweigh the short-term benefits of launching this month and keeping my word, but botching up the launch because I can't give it my all.

I'm still dead serious about launching my newsletter in the next few months. I told my boss today about my plans, which is a risky thing to do and I wouldn't have done if I weren't 100% committed to it.

So yeah, wanted to keep you in the loop. I'm deeply sorry for breaking my commitment. I don't take it lightly. But it's what is best long-term and will allow me to focus 100% on the newsletter when it's time for it.