I have to rethink my business.

I'm working a daily program that is fundamentally changing my soul.

I'm starting to get more motivated by helping others over myself. My selfishness is melting away like snow in the spring, and all these lovely blossoms of generosity and kindness and care are popping up in its place.

I have to rethink my business.

My original goal was to become a NYT bestselling author. That's not good enough. That's about me. I can write a NYT bestseller and still not bring the world to a better place. In fact, I can write a bestseller and also make the world a worse place!

I wanted to grow an email subscriber base to 100K+. That's super cool, but where's the humanity in that sentence? It's all vanity. It's all ego. I must hold myself to a higher standard.

My idea can help people, but I have to be really deliberate about promoting their action and change over my own greed.

Knowledge and action are not the same thing. I must give people action first. Knowledge is useless if not applied.

I subscribed to a bunch of the most successful tech newsletters at the beginning of the year. ALMOST NONE OF THEM PROVIDE ACTION.

Which means, that almost none of them are actually providing change.

I must do better. I will suffer from my soul if I do not.