burned out

I haven't been good at protecting my energy this year, and I'm really burned out as a result.

An example: my entire exterior-of-home plan for 2021 was just two things: 1. mow and 2. plant trees. I have bigger priorities this year.

Then my friends got involved.  They offered to help (💛 and I'm really thankful!), I couldn't say no. Now, my yard 2021 plan is:

  1. Mow
  2. Plant trees
  3. Clean out trash the seller left in the yard (there's a lot)
  4. Pickup large and small brush (there's a lot)
  5. Rake (there's a lot)
  6. Power wash the deck
  7. Power wash the house
  8. Replace the deck
  9. Stain the deck
  10. Paint the fugly blue walkway to my door
  11. Paint the front door
  12. Remove the shed and large dog house left behind by the seller
  13. Remove the bars from my house's windows

... See what I mean?

This has been happening in almost every area of my life. I have a plan, other opportunities fall into my place, and I feel FOMO for not taking all of them. So I spread myself thin until I'm tired all the time and I'm not getting any closer to my top priority.

It's time for a change! My goal for the next month is to protect my energy at all costs. To practice self-care. And to rest.