The breakup that made my life.

On this Valentine's day, I'm actually really thankful for a breakup!

Back in 2014, in the span of one week, I underwent major surgery, got let go from my job, and was dumped by the only man I've ever really wanted to marry.

I was devastated. I was literally handicapped (I couldn't walk), I had no income, and I'd lost him. I'd moved to a tiny town for the relationship, so I had no future there, and I'd taken a shitty receptionist job (bc small towns don't have industry) so I had next to no savings.

Hello, rock bottom.

I called my friend Hannah, bawling my eyes out, thinking that my entire life was over, and she said something that turned everything around.

Madi, I'm so excited for you! This is the beginning of an adventure!

I took her words to heart, got back on my feet (literally haha) and I moved in with my Mom for the first time in my life. I was raised by my Dad, and I as a kid I only visited her during summers and major holidays.

I barely knew my family. Especially my youngest sister; we had never been close and we didn't really like each other.

I got my first marketing job within a week of showing up on Mom's doorstep. After years of trying to break into the field! I went hiking every week, and at some point my youngest sister started joining. We began to talk, and then to cook dinner together, and then to go downtown and get coffee and gossip, and it turns out we liked each other after all!

I accepted a tech marketing job in another state 8 months after arriving, but 8 months was enough.

In the years following, we only grew closer. My youngest sister is now one of my closest friends, and we travel together every year. I know my Mom on a deeper level, and nothing can replace the quality time the four of us shared that year.

And tonight, I am sitting in a house I own, with a six-figure tech marketing job, and I'm chatting with Mom and my two sisters, and feeling SO thankful that they're in my life and we're close.

And if that guy hadn't broken up with me, maybe I'd still be in a nowhere town, with a nowhere job, and a nobody to my own family.