Armed with the facts about yourself

The unexamined life is not worth living -Socrates

Friday and today, I blocked my calendar and spent the entire time alone with my thoughts, and it's been really eye opening!

One thing I noticed is that it's easy for me to forget who I am when other people are involved. Especially when people see a 'good' quality that I don't have, or a strength that I don't possess. I really want to prove them right, even when it eats up all my energy. I bend to others' wants of me way too easily.

If I keep doing this, I will keep burning myself out. I won't focus on the things I truly am good at. I will not serve my people to the best of my ability. I will not honor this one rare and amazing life I've been given!

For me, writing my truth publicly works. So here are the facts I know about myself in this excel doc:

Madi Facts
Right Now Fact,What this means,I’ll be happiest when... I want to be alone with myself more,I need time, like EXTENDED periods of time, to be alone with myself without any obligations,I experiment w/ the following: daily morning meditation (60 minutes), daily walks or runs through nature, block...

These 'facts' can change at any time (for example, I used to really dislike cats, now I'm a cat person.) But owning what I know about myself now is crucial to providing the world the best version of me.

So here's to pushing back more. To saying 'no'. To proclaiming, 'actually, I am a night owl, and if you think I'm lazy because of it, then that's on you!' For saying, 'you know what? I don't want to go out tonight. I don't like large groups. I just want you in the corner of a coffee shop showing me your soul.'

Life is too short to waste another day disrespecting my truth and wasting unnecessary energy.

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