About this photo.

About this photo.

A few years ago, my life was in constant crisis.

I rented a bed bug infested apartment, and then a hurricane flooded Houston. My married friends graciously hosted me in their spare bedroom for an entire month.

I found a place with a roommate. I didn't have a car (in the US you need one) because I'd been nomading. So my roommate let me borrow his car whenever I wanted.

Then I unexpectedly developed asthma out of nowhere. Panicked, I'd have my dad drive an hour each way to pick me up, as I tried to figure out why I couldn't breathe.

During this time, I took and I took and I took. And that's okay, I was a person in need, and others valiantly stepped up to care for me. But I felt so wretched about it, and wanted so bad to be able to give like they'd given to me.

Which brings us to this photo. Here in Austin, we're having record-breaking cold, along with perilous snow and ice (and no infrastructure to clear the roads). 40% of the city is without power.

My neighbor called me, her car stranded on an icy hill, needing me to get her. I have a car now. I can help!

My other neighbor stopped by, asking to borrow my hair dryer because their pipes froze. I own a hair dryer! (I didn't for many years bc I lived out of a backpack).

And two friends without power were considering sleeping in 8 degree weather (-13 celsius) tonight, but I have a house with heat and electricity! I have a couch and an air mattress!

I can give to those in need! There was a moment tonight where I thought,

I have power, I might as well use it!

I was referring to 'power' as in 'electricity', but it also applies to power itself, the ability to give, the blessings of abundance. I have that, and I might as well use it!