A Portfolio of Small Bets

I asked you for help finding someone who grew a newsletter to 100K subscribers in one year with no team.

I may have found her.

Codie Sanchez of Contrarian Thinking. And she isn't just a newsletter creator, she's got a slew of small bets that are paying off left and right. She then stacks the skills she learns while building one small bet, on top of the next small bet, in a complementary way to become even more wealthy. It's a bunch of small bets that add up to one cohesive, rich whole.

Of course she does this! It's the smartest way to build wealth.

I'm a growth marketer at Auth0, and lately I've been structuring my experiments so that they all stack on top of each other to create a bigger picture. I can create a bigger impact than if I just ran a bunch of disparate experiments, and it gives my projects a story that others can champion.

Think about it, the CRO doesn't want to see, 'I'm going to make this button green and change this headline to a different text.' yawn

He/she wants to see, 'Our top personas aren't getting a personalized experience on our site, and they're falling off and not becoming customers. I am going to reinvent the way these visitors experience our website, which will bring in $X million annually, and here are the different experiments we're going to run, all of which stack on top of each other over the course of a year to allow our different visitors to take the appropriate steps to become customers.'

Which of those two pitches are you going to back?

Are you thinking about your own asset building this way? What 'small bets' do you have in your life portfolio? Can you leverage them on top of each other to create an impactful whole?