New revenue stream each Q

I try to add one new revenue stream, or double one current revenue stream, every quarter.

It’s ok if one isn’t doing as well because I’m diversified. This is the key." -Codie Sanchez

Codie Sanchez = new girl crush?

My 2021 Asset Generation Plan:

Q1: Increase value of home (fix this ugly POS up)

Q2: Newsletter (goal will be subscribers, not $ at first).

  • Investing in crypto? (I'm so late to the game, I know!)

Q3: Doubling newsletter subscriptions

Q4: Doubling those subscriptions

Why so much focus on a newsletter?

  1. Aligns with my strengths (content all day errday)
  2. So many new revenue streams can pour out of the newsletter!
  • Paid newsletter
  • Courses (high-quality stuff like Pat's Lean SEO)
  • Book (this is my dream)
  • Podcast
  • YouTube
  • Gain data and use it to launch side businesses

3. If it fails, I still win!

  • Connections: This little blog has already connected me to really fucking cool people. A kick-ass newsletter will only do more of that.
  • Skills: I'll learn how to run a media company. Tell me that's not a hugely valuable skill in 2021.

What about you?

How many revenue streams do you have? What will you do this year to diversify and improve? DM me or email. :D