60 Tweets in 60 Days

The first 30 days of tweeting in a row were hard. What was crazy was as the days went by it got harder to tweet instead of easier. Every day I just wanted to tweet about how hard it was to tweet! πŸ˜‚

I really thought I'd quit at the end and say, "Ya know, I did the thing, but it's not for me." So it's really weird that I'm typing to you now. Wtf. Why am I doing another 30 days?

But I want to. I want to keep getting better at this. I love to tell stories and I think twitter is making me a better communicator. So, let's do this!

Day 31/60

Lol love how my first tweet was a thread, even though one of my main learnings from the first 30 days was that I don't know how to do threads so I'm gonna avoid them for now.

Day 32/60

Got a DM about this one too.

Also, tweeted a reply to a viral tweet:

Day 33/60

Day 34/60

Day 35/60

Day 36/60

Day 37/60

Day 38/60

Day 39/60

Day 40/60

Day 41/60

Day 42/60

Day 43/60

Day 44/60

Day 45/60