I created my own version of Pieter Levels's post-its system

There’s really only been 2 productivity workflows that ever worked in my life: my Post-It note system, and WIP. - Pieter Levels

I remember seeing his post-it notes system a couple of years ago and being like, "I should try that," and instead, just continuing to procrastinate and not finish projects forever.

But this year I put my own spin on his concept and today I:

  • powered 1/4 of my house's outlets which have been broken since I moved in 🙌
  • installed string lights on my back deck
  • finished shellac-priming my guest bathroom
  • did a first coat of actual paint in that bathroom
  • ordered bathroom sink/towel holder/ toilet paper holders

This is on top of working a normal day, and this is typically the amount I get done on a weekday. I'm already over halfway done fixing a house that was marketed as a teardown, and that I've only owned for two months. 💪

My system is equally as simple as Pieter's:

I put to-do lists in google keep.

I make checklists by room (or by project), and I only allow myself to work on max two rooms/projects at a time- so I have to finish a room/project completely before moving to a third. Every day I wake up, look at the list for the room I'm tackling today, and try to check off as many things as possible before I fall asleep.

It's addicting. I find myself, exhausted, still going because I want to check just one more thing off that list. Or if I wake up early for work, I'll try to knock out a to-do or two.

And when I finish a room, I always have my final todo as 'relax and celebrate!'

If you're struggling to get things done, you might want to give it a go, and if you do, let me know how it works out for you!

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